Customize scout woggle
Plastic recyclable woggle
- The originality of this woggle is its easy customization in colors (which became increasingly difficult with other materials such as leather).
- In a scout spirit, the choice was made deliberately, with the manufacturer, in a fully recyclable plastic material, a gesture for the environment.
- The visual appearance of the woggle leaves everybody understand that it could be recycled, such as plastic bottles.

Discount prices by quantities

Unit purchase  is 2.60 € + shipping costs € 2. (priority post mail)

For a bulk buying, the unit price is decreasing, the shipping cost keep a parcel post cost.
5 to 10pc: 2.54 TTC / pc
11 to 50pc: 2,47 € TTC / pc
51 to 100pc: 2,33 € TTC / pc
> 100: 2,17 € TTC / pc
For larger quantities, please be free to contact us by sending us an email through the "Contact" button.
Custom Logo

If you would like  to realize a design suitable for your logo (event, school) for insertion behind the transparent part of the woggle, please send us your file  by email and we will make you a proposal.
To facilitate the companion's work

The concern of children's companion or pupils teacher or also for adults is to be able to regroup everybody quickly, even if they are in a crowd, and also to identify them by their name

The solution is to wear a colored scarf " scout type " similar for each member of the group with its neckershief slide including customized visual (paper inserted : logo + name).
If you would like to purshase scarves, please be free to contact us.