Turk's Head Woggles
 - The best way to tie your scarf scout, after having rolled it, is to a make  a node, called "scarf knot". You will find numerous websites  showing you how you could  make this node.

- Failing to make a woggle, scouts usually use leather scarf woggles. These woggles are made ​​from a leather lace with a length of one meter. The "Woodbadge woggle"  is made from a thicker
reinforced leather.
Please see the page which explains how to make a ring from a braided leather lace.-

Customized woggles

We are specialized in making leather woggle, tubular or triangular, with customization.

A minimum of 300pcs is necessary to launch a production from a logo in one color.  The processing time is approximately 3 weeks after approval of the prototype.

Do not hesitate to contact us by sending us an email through the "Contact" button.

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Customize Scout woggle Scout neckerchief slide made in recyclable plastic, fully customizable by adding a logo or design dimension (L: 23mm, h: 25mm) under the transparent plastic capsule.The choice was  deliberately done with the manufacturer to use a fully recyclable plastic material. It is  a gesture for the environment.
The visual appearance of the woggle lets everybody understand that it would be recycled as plastic bottles

Customized Logo
If you want us to realize a design suitable for your logo (event, school) for insertion on the woggle, please send items by email and we will make you a proposal
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Turk's head woggleRing braided leather turk's head wooglemade ​​made with one meter of leather lace. The central space in the middle of the ring is not too large toprevent the loss of the ring when it is set to tie the scarf scout.
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Woodbadge woggleThis ring scarf braided leather with two strands is worn with the woodbadge scouting scarf