How to make a Turk's Head Woggle - Scout scarf knot -
With a one meter leather lace

Make his three lead , five bight woggle is part of Scout activities. The sales of  1 meter leather laces  in scout shops could prove it. However  everyone is free to do it with another material: a string, a nylon colored cord color ...

Here's how to make a three-lead turk's head woggle with a leather lace of 1 meter of leather (2mm square section) - To facilitate the making of the woggle, we also use a piece of round wood ( 1.5 cm diameter).
Explanations pictures #1 & #2

We added an adhesive orange at the end of the strand of leather (shown in photo) that we call "strand #1", the other strand is called "strand #2".
At the beginning, form a loop with strand #2, and another that passes over the first for a figure identical to the first photo above.
Then pass the strand #2 under strand #1, then go above, and below, above, below, in every time you cross the leather lace. You should get the picture No. 2.
Use of roundwood

I think the use of roundwood (or the thumb of your neighbor!) makes easily  the following steps,  in my own opinion. You must slide the round wood in the center of the mesh (as appears in the figure of the previous photo).
You can narrow overall a bit but leave enough open because you will pass the strand of leather for two leads additional.The next step is to take the strand 2 and follow the strand 1, doubling and taking care to position the smooth surfaces of leather lace good one beside the other

Braided woggle

With patience and skill, you weave your ring by performing three leads. The fact of not having too tight at the start, you can shape your ring. The length of a 1 meter leather laces allows you to easily carry this ring with 3 leads.
Hand finishing

To facilitate the finish of your woggle - passage of the lace at the third turn, you can remove the ring holder to the end of a passage in the last lace loops.The last photo shows the ring made with  1 meter leather lace with a central hole of 1.5 cm diameter , which allows  good passage of the scarf (without losing the knot).
You have to cut off both ends of leather so that they remain hidden in the interior of the knot.